A Cobot gripper in the fight against Corona

Social Distancing is probably one of the most frequently used terms at the moment. Distance should not only be kept when shopping, but of course especially in hospitals. Cobots can help with an appropriate gripping system. In an application of the company Cobot Team a simulation is shown how a collaborative robot of Rethink Robotics GmbH (Sawyer) equipped with an HRC gripper of the Zimmer Group can support the hospital staff in adjusting the oxygen level for a COVID-19 patient. The safety requirements for robot and gripper are strict. For example, all HRC grippers of the Zimmer Group are certified by BG / DGUV and are meeting the safety requirements in the human-robot collaboration (ISO / TS15066).
The team of nurses, doctors and employees succeeded in programming the robot to perform basic tasks in a very short time by itself - with live video conferencing support from the Cobot Team company and without prior technical experience in "robot programming". The idea is that hospital staff can program a robot to perform basic tasks in a room with a "high risk of exposure" so that the nursing staff can be relieved.