Smart optimization rather than investment

Numerous companies are skeptical, hesitating to take the step to digitalization. As an industry pioneer in the area of I4.0 grippers and real-time simulation, Zimmer Group is ready to convert the few remaining doubters and naysayers. The company now offers their customers integrated solutions (“digitalZ”) that are tailored to the software platforms of the customers: 

Real-time simulation - reality's twin

The simulation solution “virtualZ” makes work smooth even when time windows are narrow, since any and all project phases can be repeatedly realistically simulated and optimized in advance. When this solution is used, the application possibilities do not end at commissioning. The "virtual twin" can manufacture in parallel or with a time delay relative to the physical machine/system in virtual space and offer functions that were inconceivable just a few years ago. The virtual machine can anticipate optimizations and validate them by running tests in the virtual world. It can confirm wear and provided information about the causes through comparison data. It uses resilient data to simulate upgrades under real-world conditions, laying the foundation for assessing retrofitting plans realistically.

Full-service solution for everything cloud-related

Zimmer Group offers a full-service solution in the area of the cloud – the “cloudZ”. It is based on a standard IO-Link component combined with an OPC UA server that runs as a utility program on a PLC. Vertical communication from components to the cloud and from the cloud to components is possible thanks to multiple leading cloud providers. This makes it possible to read out product IDs and serial numbers clearly and conveniently, visualize status and process parameters from a central control point in real time and even optimize components in the individual application.

Irrespective of the brand of robot being used, “controlZ” allows the robot application (including the End-of-Arm Tools) to be created and put into operation using neutral programming tools such as Drag&Bot.

By providing “visualZ”, Zimmer Group is offering its own specialized, convenient and user-friendly HMI user interface for mechatronic components and cells in order to simplify the process of installing components in the robot control system or in complex systems.

“supportZ” builds upon deeper implementation of the software and global networking of components, enabling service modules to be made available to each customer. This provides the customers with speedy and stress-free implementation and commissioning in virtually all major PLC systems worldwide and gives customers access to support for their projects in the form of guidance and resources.

digitalZ – software modules for digitalization