• Special features
    Electronic vacuum switch with digital display Switching point and hysteresis freely programmable Special programmable functions Two separately programmable digital outputs
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Technical Data
Measuring mediumnon-aggressive gases; dry, oil-free air
Measuring range-1...0 [bar]
Max. safe overpressure5 [bar]
Repetition accuracy+/- 1% from measuring range [%]
Hysteresisadjustable: 0-100% of the set value/comparator mode
Output signal2 digital
Switching capacity180 [mA]
Status indication2xLED
Display resolution0.01 bar, 5 mmHg, 0.2 inHg, 1 kPa
Displayed unitsbar, mmHg, inHg, kPa
Displayed value3-digital 7-segment LED
Electrical connectionConnector M8, 4-pole
Connection mediaG1/8“ -AG + M5-IG
Voltage10,8-30 [V DC]
Current consumption30 [mA]
Degree of protection40/65 (with tube) [IP]
Temperature deviation+/- 3% from measuring range 0-50°C
Allowable ambient temperature0...50 [°C]
Weight25 [kg]