Series ADS

  • ADS pressure piece
    You hit the limit stop of the pressure piece when picking up the workpiece. When depositing the workpiece or opening the gripper, the workpiece is fed into a clamping chuck or similar intake via the pretensioned spring.
Order-No.compatible with installation sizeWeightSOM_PASSFUER_GV
ADS5003-01GPD50030.0213 [kg]
ADS5003-02GPD50030.0226 [kg]
ADS5004-01GPD50040.027 [kg]
ADS5004-02GPD50040.029 [kg]
ADS5006-01GPD50060.07 [kg]
ADS5006-02GPD50060.075 [kg]
ADS5006-05GED50060.0954 [kg]
ADS5008-01GPD50080.14 [kg]
ADS5008-02GPD50080.15 [kg]
ADS5008-05GED50080.176 [kg]
ADS5010-01GPD50100.17 [kg]
ADS5010-02GPD50100.184 [kg]
ADS5010-05GED50100.2 [kg]
ADS5013-01GPD50130.351 [kg]
ADS5013-02GPD50130.38 [kg]
ADS5016-01GPD50160.439 [kg]
ADS5016-02GPD50160.474 [kg]
ADS5025-01GPD50250.794 [kg]
ADS5025-02GPD50250.86 [kg]
ADS5030-01GPD50301.38 [kg]
ADS5030-02GPD50301.498 [kg]