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Series LWR

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Technical Data
Stroke per jaw6 [mm]
Operating temperature+5 ... +50 [°C]
Protection to IEC 60529IP40
Weight0.53 [kg]
Electrical energy transferintegrated
Locking stroke1 [mm]
Repetition accuracy in X, Y0,05 [mm]
Repetition accuracy in Z0,05 [mm]
Tightening force50 [N]
Offset at coupling max. in X,Y1.0 [mm]
Suitable for seriesLWR50F-xx-03/04/05
Type of drivepneumatical
Gripping force in opening485 [N]
Cycle count max.250 [cycle/min]
Dead weight of mounted gripper finger max.0.4 [kg]
Length of the gripper fingers max.90 [mm]
Repetition accuracy +/-0.01 [mm]
Operating pressure4 ... 7 [bar]
Nominal operating pressure6 [bar]
Air volume per cycle24 [cm³]
Integrated valve technologyYes
Position sensingintegrated
Position sensing using process dataYes
Voltage24 [V]
Current consumption max.0.10 [A]