Suction finger, swiveling and spring-loaded
Series SO-304

  • Spring-loaded suction finger with swivel head for contact inclined surfaces to suction cup Suitable for mini and bellows cups The suction cup can be adjusted for inclined surfaces uo to 45° Secured against rotation
Installation Size: SO-304
Order-No.G1G2Dimension A
SO-30411010M5M510 [mm]
SO-30411020M5M510 [mm]
SO-30422015G1/8"G1/8"15 [mm]
SO-30422035G1/8"G1/8"15 [mm]
SO-30423015G1/4"G1/8"15 [mm]
SO-30423035G1/4"G1/8"15 [mm]
SO-30432020G1/8"G1/8"20 [mm]
SO-30432040G1/8"G1/8"20 [mm]
SO-30433020G1/4"G1/4"20 [mm]
SO-30433040G1/4"G1/4"20 [mm]