• Dampers for hinges
    High performance dampers from Zimmer Group for damping hinges are retrofit solutions that can be integrated easily.
  • Users particularly appreciate the VOLPINO's easy handling of the customizable damping force, which can be adjusted to the door weight after assembly.
  • The "BELLINO" is appealing because it can be integrated into a (very) narrow installation space.
  • Powerful – Flexible – Sophisticated
    Learn more about "VOLPINO" and "BELLINO". Our power pack for damping hinges.
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Technical Data
Stroke15 [mm]
Adjustable concealed dampingYes
∅ Of concealed hinge26 [mm]
Color of pressure pieceRAL 7039 (dark gray)
Housing length49.7 [mm]
Damping typeFluiddämpfer