• Components for lids
    Closing is often associated with slamming.
  • Using the dampers from you get rid of this connotation
  • The defining features of our dampers for lid damping are their adaptability and the wealth of available variants.
  • Our fluid dampers are groundbreaking in this regard.Various dimensions, force or damping characteristics – we offer the perfect product to suit your needs.
  • Small – Strong – Durable – Flexible
    Familiarize yourself with our fluid dampers for damping lids here.
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Technical Data
Stroke20 [mm]
Maximum force300±50 [N]
Test speed50 [mm/s]
∅ Of damper­housing9.9 [mm]
Housing length44.4 [mm]
∅ Of piston rod2.3 [mm]
Piston rod length 20.5 [mm]
Damping typeFluiddämpfer