• Dampers for drawers
    Drawer damping has securely established itself as an indispensable standard.
  • The Zimmer Group specializes in drawer damping and supplies you with optimal comfort for your products at the highest level.
  • Our individual dampers for drawer damping turn heads thanks to the multitude of options for integration into customers' systems. Due to the high adaptability of our design, Zimmer is offering a wide range of dampers as well as solutions designed specifically for a customer.
  • Precise – Flexible – Tested
    This describes our components for damping drawers.
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Technical Data
Stroke48 [mm]
Head shape / Connection90° angled piston rod
Mass to be braked25 [kg]
∅ Of damper­housing10.4 [mm]
Housing length78.1 [mm]
Damping typeLuftreibungsdämpfer