Body processing / lot size 1

Product advantages:

  • Highly flexible single-quantity system for machining furniture parts
  • Machining of coated chipboards and MDF boards with dimensions from 240 mm x 120 mm up to 2800 mm x 1300 mm
  • Output requirement of more than 600 parts per shift
  • Highly flexible shuttle circulation as workpiece transport and clamping system
  • Precision-compensated industrial robots for drilling machining and metal fitting
  • Direct integration into the customer's machining control system for flexible processing of the production lot
  • Automatic loading and unloading with direct connection of customer-side AGV

1 Base machine with modular transport system
2 Loading module
3 Measurement module
4 Machining module
5 Metal fitting module
6 Unloading module

Modular transport system

Product advantages:

  • Flexible transport system consisting of a machine bed with linear guides and toothed racks, rotational transfer units, intelligent movement units (shuttles), control system and user interface
  • High positioning accuracy and high load and load carrying capacity in the direction of movement
  • Scalable system in terms of the length of circulation and the number of shuttles
  • Shuttle position, speed and acceleration can be programmed independently
  • Dynamic configuration of groups with flexible control of all shuttles as master or slave

1 Linear guides for absorbing weight and machining forces
2 Optimized rack-and-pinion drive for the highest requirements on linear drive systems
3 Transfer of electrical energy and information (CAN bus) via sliding contacts

Loading module

Product advantages:

  • Main time parallel feed of two independent storage positions via AGV with muting function
  • 6-arm robot with independently activated 4x suction traverse
  • Lane-by-lane loading from the new parts stack and individual loading from the tray trolley
  • Reading in the stack data without labels directly via the customer's machining control system
  • Alignment and separation via an alignment station with a plausibility check
  • Supply and positioning of the shuttles depending on the part size

1 High-speed doors with muting function for automatic feed via an AGV
2 Workpiece supply as a stack
3 Workpiece supply as a stack in the tray trolley for rear side machining
4 Loading robot
5 Suction traverse for lane-by-lane loading
6 Alignment station

Measurement module

Product advantages:

  • Touch-free measurement of the part length and height in the throughput
  • Plausibility check of parts supply
  • Compensation of dimensional deviations and angle errors

1 Measuring bridge
2 Linear axis
3 Touch-free measuring sensor (line sensor)
4 Workpiece in shuttle

Machining module

Product advantages:

  • Machining by two accuracy-compensated ABB machining robots and multi-function heads with individually extensible machining units
  • Execution of all necessary machining functions: Grooving, milling, Clamex milling, horizontal and vertical drilling machining, drilling rows of holes
  • Dynamic split of machining to both machining robots by upstream drilling optimization unit to optimize performance

1 ABB machining robot
2 Machining head
3 Robot control system
4 Spindle cooling system
5 Protective cabinet with suction system
6 Control terminal

Metal fitting module

Product advantages:

  • Program-controlled setting of various fitting types by a robot with multiple metal fitting head
  • Manual feeding of fittings on stackable trays in transfer station
  • Fittings supplied by the robot by positioning the trays in an alignment station

1 Machining robot
2 Metal fitting head
3 Feeding station for fittings
4 Alignment and supply station

Unloading module

Product advantages:

  • Fully automated unloading by 6-arm robot with independently activated 4x suction traverse
  • Dynamic prioritization of workpiece placement on the conveyor line, tray trolley or buffer store
  • Main time parallel collection of the tray trolleys via AGV with muting function

1 High-speed doors with muting function for automatic workpiece transport via an AGV
2 Unloading robot
3 Suction traverse
4 Tray trolley for storing parts for rear side machining
5 Intermediate buffer
6 Roller conveyor for workpiece transport

Machining head

Product advantages:

  • Modular multi-function head for implementing the various functions on the machining module
  • Project-specific design of the multi-function head for minimum space requirement and tool exchange effort
  • Drill gears for individual/series drilling

1-24       Vertical drill spindles with quick-action chuck
25-31     Horizontal drill spindles with Weldon tool holder
33           End mill
34           Clamex, vertical
35           Grooving saw
36           Clamex, horizontal
37-38     Foot drill
39-41     Hinge drilling unit

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