Digital services and vision technology

The concept of digitalization is on the rise in all areas of life. The increasing individualization of society, the global flexibilization of markets and rapidly changing market conditions require a higher degree of flexibility and the efficient use of resources and energy.  This means new challenges for production processes. To meet these challenges, machines, plants, systems and services are networked with each other, communicating and responding within a standalone system: the Smart Factory. In mechanical and plant engineering as well as the manufacturing industry, the central topic is coupling industrial production with intelligent digital systems. Digitalization promises lower costs, higher production quality, flexibility, efficiency and shorter response times in terms of customer needs. This is in addition to faster adaptation to smaller production lot sizes and changing market requirements.

The Zimmer Group anticipated this upheaval early on and has consistently driven the development of a mechatronic control platform and the seamless implementation of vision technology and digital services. This enables us to incorporate more complex requirement profiles such as bin picking and AI-supported complete solutions. In addition, it is also possible to accompany the entire lifecycle of systems with digital services in order to make them even more efficient and reliable in development, installation and operation and to enable problem-free integration into existing or future ERP/MES systems.  Even today, we offer a broad portfolio of hardware and software components for digitalization of processes, irrespective of the industry or company size.

The Zimmer Group's decades of in-depth expertise in the field of industrial manufacturing across all industries make it the ideal partner for entering the digital age, while at the same time opening up new and innovative business fields and value chains.

With system solutions from Zimmer Group, you have the advantages of digitalization on your side.