Industrial damping technology and Soft Close products exemplify the innovation and pioneering spirit of the Know-how Factory.

With the introduction of the High Energy series, the PowerStop industrial shock absorbers‘ commitment to quality has represented the highest standard in performance for over 20 years. Their proven features have been enhanced even further with the underlying optimization. The shock absorbers use an innovative, organic oil that can be used in the food industry with H1 certification and is even biodegradable. The highest in corrosion protection is achieved thanks to the use of stainless steel for the housing and piston rod. In addition, a new fixed stop with a longer piston rod guide length has been developed to increase the PowerStop’s well-known robustness even more. The product line is completed by an extensive range of accessories.

Calculate and select shock absorbers more quickly. Users receive a high-performance tool that allows them to make well-founded selection decisions quickly and combines calculation, selection guide and configurator functions in one tool.

Convenient calculation delivers fast results. A choice between a large number of different load cases appropriate to the case can be selected very easily.

Clearly arranged selection guide. The available dampers that meet these specifications are shown to the user in an overview table. The energy absorption for each damper is individually calculated in the table and its load is displayed.

Advanced search using a filter. Using filters, additional marginal conditions can be entered. These include especially high or low temperatures, use in the pressure chamber, contaminated environments or large angles for the impact of the load. The software returns suitable versions and necessary accessories or equipment options based on the selected filter.

Appealing solution, available as a mobile application. Since the calculation program is available online, customers do not have to install any software and can access it using any computer or laptop, as well as with any smartphone or tablet.