Self- Closing Unit Types



Zimmer Self- Closing units  are availible in different types

Priciple of function

  • A automatic Self- closing unit will be assembled at the cabinet for example whereas the activator is assembled at the drawer itself.
  • The activator will be linked within the hook thus enabling the transfer of the force. The self-closing unit could however also be assembled at the drawer and the activator at the cabinet.

closing inwards self- closing units

  • At the closed drawer-position the activator is linked within the hook. During opening the hook will be pulled in right direction and the re-set spring will be stretched. The hook will be guided by means of two pins inside the bended guideway (A).
  • After a certain opening-movement the hook is fitting in the offset-position, this disconnecting the hook and the activator. The drawer can be opened without any further effort. (B).
  • At the closing of the drawer, the hook will be activated of the activator. The return spring pulls the drawer in end posittion while damping.

double acting Self- Closing Units

  • In order to dampen sliding doors within both directions double acting self closing units will be used.
  • The activator will be assembled at the cabinet; the self closing units on top of the sliding door. 

Product range Self- Closing (closing inwards / double acting)

  • Housing length (l) 200 bis 385 mm
  • Housing bright (b) 18 bis 25 mm
  • Housing depth (t) 10,4 bis 18 mm
  • Stroke (s) 50 bis 100 mm

closing outwards Self- Closing Units

  • If there might not be sufficient space available for to assemble the activator, an outwards working self-closing unit can be used.
  • This system has a separate spacer which deflects the force so that the damper works on pressure.

Assembly of the self-closing units

  • The above example is showing a wardrobe with two sliding-doors. The activators have to be assembled onto the sliding doors as near to the side-wall as possible in order to prevent collission with the second door resp. the cabinet
  • Use an outward closing unit.

Product range Self- Closing (closing outwards)

  • Housing length(l) 222 bis 345 mm
  • Housing bright (b) 37 mm
  • Housing depth (t) 16 mm
  • Stroke (s) 50 bis 100 mm

Special Applications

  • Soloution for special application of furniture branche.

Self-closing units for middle doors

  • At wardrobes with three doors, the middle door will be dampened from both directions and centered in the middle. (B).
  • The door can be moved in both directions. (A)

Self-closing units, push to open

For sliding doors and drawers without handles. It is damped while retracting and then ejected by pushing:

1  drawer is closed
2  Drawer will be pushed. Drawer is activated for ejection, securing is unlocked
3  Drawer will be ejected, reset spring is tensioning
4  The retracting drawer tightens the re-set spring. Damping begins immediately after the securing snaps into place

Damping Unit for hinges

  • Volpino contains of fluid damper and a housing for assambly
  • Damping adjustable
  • Higher force
  • Retrofitable

Product range Special Applications


  • Damping for hinges
  • Middle Dorr damping
  • Push to open with integrated damping system