Gripper for concrete blocks


In the production of brick and curb stones in Russia, these stones needed to be removed from the conveyor belt and then stacked on pallets. The special challenges included the adverse ambient conditions of the system (high level of contamination, abrasive media, etc.).


The solution consisted of a Zimmer Group GP430 standard gripper, to which dust protection (IP67) was also added.

Highlights and technical data
  • IP64
  • Pneumatic
  • Internal gripping
  • Gripping force safety device for spring
Technical Data
Drive typePNEU
Max. gripping force6600 [N]
Gripping conceptKRAFT
Gripping safety deviceFED
Max. stroke60 [mm]
IP classIP64
System weight25 [kg]
Max. workpiece weight30 [kg]
Max. workpiece temperature80 [°C]
Built-in standard components


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