Gripper for packages/boxes


The challenge from the customer was that packages up to 20 kg, in wide-ranging dimensions, needed to be gripped in their application. To provide feedback to the robot palletizing program, the corresponding package height also needed to be monitored.


A simple but effective pneumatic gripper with a gripper stroke and force stroke was developed as the solution. A height sensor for the packages is also integrated. Furthermore, the gripper executes a narrow layering and stacking pattern.

Highlights and technical data
Technical Data
Drive typePNEU
Max. gripping force1200 [N]
Gripping conceptKRAFT
Gripping safety deviceKLE
Max. stroke250 [mm]
IP classIP40
System weight56 [kg]
Max. workpiece weight20 [kg]
Max. workpiece temperature80 [°C]
Built-in standard components


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