Sensor stop sleeve
Series PSH

Available for M08-M33 (with the exception of M16, M22 and M27)
In addition to the stop sleeve features, the sensor stop sleeve features inductive sensor with highly compact integration for sensing the end position of the set damping stroke. Using the sensor stop sleeve requires the use of an industrial shock absorber with a steel or plastic head (excluding the bellow).
Inductive sensor, PNP NO contact (Normally Open), 2 m PUR cable, IP65 degree of protection.
See separate data sheet for additional information.

PSH08X10-AM825 [g]Yes
PSH10X10-AM1031 [g]Yes
PSH12X10-AM1237 [g]Yes
PSH14X10-AM1450 [g]Yes
PSH14X15-AM1453 [g]Yes
PSH20X15-AM2085 [g]Yes
PSH25X15-AM25150 [g]Yes
PSH33X15-AM33260 [g]Yes