Available for M04-M36
It is advisable to use a stop sleeve for optimal damping stroke adjustment. In this process, the end stop and the damping stroke can be adjusted individually by screwing the sleeve on the shock absorber external thread using the additional locknut.
It is advisable to start by setting the ideal utilization of the damper by reducing the damping stroke. The end stop can subsequently be set using the position of the damper in the mounting piece.
The stop sleeve works either with or without a steel and plastic head, but not in conjunction with the bellow. The stop sleeve, including the additional locknut contained in the scope of delivery, is made of stainless steel.

PAH04X05-AM41 [g]Yes
PAH05X05-AM51 [g]Yes
PAH06X05-AM62 [g]Yes
PAH08X10-AM88 [g]Yes
PAH10X10-AM1014 [g]Yes
PAH12X10-AM1220 [g]Yes
PAH14X10-AM1433 [g]Yes
PAH14X15-AM1436 [g]Yes
PAH16X10-AM1638 [g]Yes
PAH16X15-AM1642 [g]Yes
PAH20X15-AM2068 [g]Yes
PAH22X15-AM2277 [g]Yes
PAH25X15-AM25140 [g]Yes
PAH27X30-AM27170 [g]Yes
PAH33X15-AM33240 [g]Yes
PAH36X15-AM36330 [g]Yes