Inductive Proximity Switches
Series NJ

  • Contact-free, wear-free and short-circuit proof
  • Available starting at 3 mm Ø
Installation Size: NJ
Order-No.CertificationBasic standardProtection to IEC 60529
NJ3-E2IEC 60947-5-2IP67
NJ3-E2SKIEC 60947-5-2IP67
NJ4-E2-01IEC 60947-5-2IP67
NJ4-E2SK-01IEC 60947-5-2IP67
NJ5-E2IEC 60947-5-2IP67
NJ5-E2SKIEC 60947-5-2IP67
NJ5-E2SK-01IEC 60947-5-2IP67
NJ6.5-E2-01IEC 60947-5-2IP68
NJ6.5-E2-02IEC 60947-5-2IP67
NJ6.5-E2SIEC 60947-5-2IP67
NJ8-E2IEC 60947-5-2IP68
NJ8-E2-01IEC 60947-5-2IP68
NJ8-E2-09IEC 60947-5-2IP67
NJ8-E2SIEC 60947-5-2IP68
NJ8-E2S-05IEC 60947-5-2IP68
NJ12-E2IEC 60947-5-2IP68
NJ12-E2SIEC 60947-5-2IP67