2-Jaw Parallel Grippers
Series GP1200

"The flexible"

  • Smooth stroke configuration
    An adjusting screw allows you to adjust the stroke to your specific application
  • Integrated check valve
    Lowers the amount of piping required and the interference contours
  • Sealed guide
    Using the double scrapers on the guides, you can reliably use the gripper even under the harshest conditions
Installation Size: GP1224
Installation Size: GP1240
Installation Size: GP1260
Installation Size: GP1280
  1. Stroke adjustment
    Infinitely adjustable opening stroke adjusting screw in delivery
  2. Wedge hook mechanism
    synchronized the movement of the gripper jaws high force transfer
  3. Sealed flat guide
    high forces and moments capacity
  4. Removable centering sleeves
    quick and economical positioning of the gripper fingers
  5. Adjustable mounting block
    mounting for inductive proximity switch
  6. Integrated gripping force safety device
    spring integrated into cylinder as energy storage
  7. Drive
    double-acting pneumatic cylinder
  8. Energy supply
    possible from several sides