3-Jaw Concentric Grippers
Series GD1700

"The sealed"

  • Suitable for use under extreme conditions
    The sealed square guide guarantees process reliability even under the harshest conditions
  • High moment load
    The square guide provides the highest possible durability for your application
  • Variety in the versions
    Corrosion-protected, temperature-resistant or cleanroom-compatible for flexible use
Installation Size: GD1720
Installation Size: GD1716
Installation Size: GD1712
Installation Size: GD1710
Installation Size: GD1708
Installation Size: GD1706
Installation Size: GD1704
  1. Sealed and precise square guide for / harsh environmental conditions
    high forces and moments capacity
  2. Robust, lightweight housing
    Hard-coated aluminum alloy
  3. Wedge hook mechanism
    synchronized the movement of the gripper jaws high force transfer
  4. Integrated gripping force safety device
    spring integrated into cylinder as energy storage optional in designs C and O
  5. Permanent magnet
    installed in piston chamber as indicator for magnetic field sensor (up to GD1708-B)
  6. Energy supply
    possible from several sides
  7. Drive
    double-acting pneumatic cylinder
  8. Removable centering sleeves
    quick and economical positioning of the gripper fingers