3-Jaw Concentric Grippers
Series GPD5000IL

"The hybrid"

  • Pneumatic drive combined with IO-Link technology
  • Up to 50% reduction in cycle times and up to 90% less compressed air usage
  • Connection over just one pneumatic line and IO-Link cable
  • Integrated valve technology, sensor technology, status display, pressure monitoring and temperature monitoring
  • Part detection down to +/- 0.05 mm for a tolerance range that can be taught for any value
  • 32 workpieces data sets can be programmed
  • Protected from corrosion and sealed in accordance with IP64
  • Up to 30 million cycles without maintenance
Series features
  • 30 million maintenance-free cycles (max.)
  • Spring closing C
  • Spring opening O
  • High-strength S
  • Integrated sensing
  • IP64
  • Protected against corrosion
  • Purged air
  • IO-Link
  • Integrated valve technology
Installation Size: GPD5006IL
Order-No.ControlStroke per jawGripping force in closing
GPD5006N-IL-10-AIO-Link6 [mm]740 [N]
GPD5006NC-IL-10-AIO-Link6 [mm]1020 [N]
GPD5006NO-IL-10-AIO-Link6 [mm]
GPD5006S-IL-10-AIO-Link3 [mm]1620 [N]
GPD5006SC-IL-10-AIO-Link3 [mm]2240 [N]
GPD5006SO-IL-10-AIO-Link3 [mm]
Installation Size: GPD5008IL
Order-No.ControlStroke per jawGripping force in closing
GPD5008N-IL-10-AIO-Link8 [mm]1260 [N]
GPD5008NC-IL-10-AIO-Link8 [mm]1690 [N]
GPD5008NO-IL-10-AIO-Link8 [mm]
GPD5008S-IL-10-AIO-Link4 [mm]2780 [N]
GPD5008SC-IL-10-AIO-Link4 [mm]3730 [N]
GPD5008SO-IL-10-AIO-Link4 [mm]
Installation Size: GPD5010IL
Order-No.ControlStroke per jawGripping force in closing
GPD5010N-IL-10-AIO-Link10 [mm]2290 [N]
GPD5010NC-IL-10-AIO-Link10 [mm]3140 [N]
GPD5010NO-IL-10-AIO-Link10 [mm]
GPD5010S-IL-10-AIO-Link5 [mm]5050 [N]
GPD5010SC-IL-10-AIO-Link5 [mm]6930 [N]
GPD5010SO-IL-10-AIO-Link5 [mm]
Installation Size: GPD5013IL
Order-No.ControlStroke per jawGripping force in closing
GPD5013N-IL-10-AIO-Link13 [mm]3770 [N]
GPD5013NC-IL-10-AIO-Link13 [mm]5060 [N]
GPD5013NO-IL-10-AIO-Link13 [mm]
GPD5013S-IL-10-AIO-Link6 [mm]8310 [N]
GPD5013SC-IL-10-AIO-Link6 [mm]11160 [N]
GPD5013SO-IL-10-AIO-Link6 [mm]
Installation Size: GPD5016IL
Order-No.ControlStroke per jawGripping force in closing
GPD5016N-IL-10-AIO-Link16 [mm]6870 [N]
GPD5016NC-IL-10-AIO-Link16 [mm]9240 [N]
GPD5016NO-IL-10-AIO-Link16 [mm]
GPD5016S-IL-10-AIO-Link8 [mm]14700 [N]
GPD5016SC-IL-10-AIO-Link8 [mm]19780 [N]
GPD5016SO-IL-10-AIO-Link8 [mm]
Installation Size: GPD5025IL
Order-No.ControlStroke per jawGripping force in closing
GPD5025N-IL-10-AIO-Link25 [mm]8430 [N]
GPD5025NC-IL-10-AIO-Link25 [mm]11560 [N]
GPD5025NO-IL-10-AIO-Link25 [mm]
GPD5025S-IL-10-AIO-Link14 [mm]16240 [N]
GPD5025SC-IL-10-AIO-Link14 [mm]22270 [N]
GPD5025SO-IL-10-AIO-Link14 [mm]
  1. Wedge hook mechanism
    high forces and moments capacity Synchronized gripper jaw movement
  2. Gripper jaw
    Gripper fingers mounted using removable centering sleeves Lubricated for life via incorporated lubrication slots
  3. Steel Linear Guide
    Steel in steel guide Enables use of extremely long gripper fingers
  4. Dual lip seal
    IP64 Prevents grease from being squeezed out, increasing service life
  5. Integrated gripping force safety device
    Spring built into cylinder chamber as an energy store
  6. Mounting and positioning
    Alternatively, on several sides for customized mounting
  7. Position sensing
    integrated Hallsensor
  8. Integrated valve technology
    Activation of the gripper by means of a compressed air supply
  9. Integrated control module
    Single-cable solution via IO-Link Pressure, temperature, position and other parameters are readable