Clamping Element
Series HK

  • broad range of products
    For all common profile rail guides
  • Tool-free opening and closing (bi-stable)
    By turning the clamping lever
  • Maintenance free
    Up to 50,000 static clamping cycles
Order-No.Holding forceTightening torqueInstallation direction
HK1501-1501200 [N]5.00 [Nm]from above
HK1501A1200 [N]5.00 [Nm]from above
HK1501G1200 [N]4.00 [Nm]from above
HK1502K1200 [N]5.00 [Nm]from above
HK1502KB1200 [N]5.00 [Nm]from above
HK1503BM1200 [N]4.00 [Nm]from the front
HK1505F130 [N]3.00 [Nm]from the front
HK1511A250 [N]5.00 [Nm]from above
HK1514D1200 [N]5.00 [Nm]from above
HK1701B1200 [N]4.00 [Nm]from above
HK2001A1200 [N]7.00 [Nm]from above
HK2001G1200 [N]5.00 [Nm]from above
HK2003BM1200 [N]4.00 [Nm]from the front
HK2005F250 [N]3.00 [Nm]from the front
HK2005KB1200 [N]4.00 [Nm]from the front
HK2006A1200 [N]5.00 [Nm]from above
HK2010B1200 [N]5.00 [Nm]from the front
HK2011A350 [N]5.00 [Nm]from above
HK2012I1200 [N]5.00 [Nm]from the front
HK2005G1000 [N]5.00 [Nm]from above
HK2005KN750 [N]4.00 [Nm]from above
HK2002K1200 [N]4.00 [Nm]from above
HK2005KR1200 [N]5.00 [Nm]from the front
HK2505KN750 [N]4.00 [Nm]from above
HK2701B1200 [N]4.00 [Nm]from above
HK2101B1200 [N]4.00 [Nm]from above
HK2501A1200 [N]7.00 [Nm]from above
HK2501G1200 [N]7.00 [Nm]from above
HK2502KB1200 [N]7.00 [Nm]from above
HK2503BM1200 [N]7.00 [Nm]from the front
HK1512I1200 [N]5.00 [Nm]from the front
HK1505G1200 [N]5.00 [Nm]from above
HK1505KR1200 [N]4.00 [Nm]from the front
HK2511A500 [N]4.00 [Nm]from above
HK2507A1200 [N]5.00 [Nm]from the front
HK2505G1000 [N]7.00 [Nm]from above
HK2505F330 [N]3.00 [Nm]from the front
HK2505KB1200 [N]7.00 [Nm]from the front
HK2505KR1200 [N]7.00 [Nm]from the front
HK3001A2000 [N]15.00 [Nm]from above
HK3001G2000 [N]15.00 [Nm]from above
HK3002KB2000 [N]15.00 [Nm]from above
HK3003BM2000 [N]15.00 [Nm]from the front
HK3011A800 [N]15.00 [Nm]from above
HK3002K2000 [N]15.00 [Nm]from above
HK3005G1400 [N]15.00 [Nm]from above
HK3005KR2000 [N]15.00 [Nm]from the front
HK3501A2000 [N]15.00 [Nm]from above
HK3501G2000 [N]15.00 [Nm]from above
HK3502K2000 [N]15.00 [Nm]from above
HK3503BM2000 [N]15.00 [Nm]from the front
HK3507A1200 [N]7.00 [Nm]from the front
HK3505KB2000 [N]15.00 [Nm]from the front
HK3505KR2000 [N]15.00 [Nm]from the front
HK3501B2000 [N]15.00 [Nm]from above
HK3502KB2000 [N]15.00 [Nm]from above
HK4501A2000 [N]15.00 [Nm]from above
HK4503BM2000 [N]15.00 [Nm]from the front
HK4507A1200 [N]5.00 [Nm]from the front
HK4505G1400 [N]15.00 [Nm]from above
HK4505KR2000 [N]15.00 [Nm]from the front
HK5501A2000 [N]22.00 [Nm]from above
HK5501E2000 [N]22.00 [Nm]from the front
HK5505KR2000 [N]22.00 [Nm]from the front
HK6501A2000 [N]22.00 [Nm]from the front
HK6504F2000 [N]22.00 [Nm]from the front
HK6505KR2000 [N]22.00 [Nm]from the front
  1. Profile rail guide
    Available for all common profile rail guides
  2. Clamping lever made from plastic
    Freely adjustable (release by lifting)
  3. Clamping jaw
    The floating bearings guarantee symmetrical application of force
  4. Housing