Clamping elements | pneumatic
Series MCPS

  • small construction
    For all common miniature profile rail guides
  • Energize to open (NC)
    through spring-loaded energy storage
  • high durability
    Up to 5 million static clamping cycles
  • Higher holding force
    Via activation with PLUS air
  • Safety element
    Safe clamping in case of energy failure
Order-No.Holding forceOperating pressure min.Installation direction
MCPS0901A80 [N]5.5 [bar]from above
MCPS0901H80 [N]5.5 [bar]from above
MCPS0914L80 [N]5.5 [bar]from above
MCPS0912D80 [N]5.5 [bar]from above
MCPS1201M250 [N]5.5 [bar]from above
MCPS1202F250 [N]5.5 [bar]from the front
MCPS1205A250 [N]5.5 [bar]from above
MCPS1214L240 [N]5.5 [bar]from above
MCPS1217C250 [N]5.5 [bar]from above
MCPS1201A250 [N]5.5 [bar]from above
MCPS0900MW80 [N]5.5 [bar]from above
MCPS1200MW250 [N]5.5 [bar]from above
MCPS1501H280 [N]5.5 [bar]from above
MCPS1501M280 [N]5.5 [bar]from above
MCPS1505A280 [N]5.5 [bar]from the front
MCPS1514L280 [N]5.5 [bar]from above
MCPS1505E240 [N]5.5 [bar]from the front
MCPS1502F280 [N]5.5 [bar]from above
MCPS1501HW240 [N]5.5 [bar]from the front
MCPS1504A280 [N]5.5 [bar]from above
MCPS1503MW240 [N]5.5 [bar]from above
MCPS2001A400 [N]5.5 [bar]from above
MCPS2005A400 [N]5.5 [bar]from above
MCPS2501H400 [N]5.5 [bar]from above
MCPS1701B250 [N]5.5 [bar]from above
MCPS1500MW280 [N]5.5 [bar]from above
  1. Miniature profile rail guide
    Available for all common miniature profile rail guides
  2. Wedge-type gear
    Power transmission between piston and clamping jaw
  3. Clamping jaw
    Pressed at the free surfaces of the profile rail guide
  4. Housing
    chemically nickel plated steel
  5. Pneumatic piston
    The piston moves the wedge-type gear longitudinally
  6. Spring-loaded energy storage
    For non-pressurized closing of the clamping unit
  7. Sliding block
    For floating bearings