Match - End-of-Arm-Ecosystem
Series LWR

  • A system for lightweight robots, cobots and conventional robots
  • Standardized robot interface for handling (vacuum and mechanical gripping)
  • PLUG & WORK - Simplification of the communication interface
  • Large variety of end effectors
  • Innovative digital ecosystem
  • Manual exchange with easy-click function
  • Automated changeover without external control in the deposit station
Order-No.Suitable for robot typeConfiguration for interfaceControl
LWR50F-00-04-AISO TK 50IO-Link
LWR50F-00-05-AISO TK 50IO-Link
LWR50F-01-02-AUniversal Robots e-SeriesDigital I/O
LWR50F-01-03-AUniversal Robots e-SeriesEthernet RJ45RS485
LWR50F-04-01-ATechman Release > 3.0 / OMRON TM-SeriesDigital I/O
LWR50F-07-01-AHANWHA HCR-3/-5/-12Digital I/O
LWR50F-08-01-AMitsubishi AssistaDigital I/O
LWR50F-09-01-AFANUC CRXDigital I/O
LWR50F-10-01-ADOOSAN M- / H- / A-SerieDigital I/O
LWR50F-13-01-AABB CRB 15000 GoFaDigital I/O
LWR50F-13-04-AABB CRB 15000 GoFaIO-Link
LWR50F-13-05-AABB CRB 15000 GoFaIO-Link
LWR50F-14-04-AABB CRB 1100 SWIFTIIO-Link
LWR50F-14-05-AABB CRB 1100 SWIFTIIO-Link
LWR50F-15-01-AABB IRB1100Digital I/O
LWR50F-15-04-AABB IRB1100IO-Link
LWR50F-15-05-AABB IRB1100IO-Link
LWR50F-16-01-Afruitcore HORSTDigital I/O
LWR50F-17-01-AYaskawa HC P-VersionDigital I/O
LWR50F-17-04-AYaskawa HC P-VersionIO-Link
LWR50F-17-05-AYaskawa HC P-VersionIO-Link
LWR50F-18-01-AELITE RobotsDigital I/O
LWR50F-20-01-AKUKA iisy 3Digital I/O