Clamping element
Series LBHS

  • broad range of products
    For all common profile rail guides
  • Energize to open (NC)
    through residual stress
  • the power pack
    Up to 0.5 million static clamping cycles
  • Safety element
    Safe braking in case of energy failure
  • Maximum flexibility
    Additional hydraulic connection from above
Matching rail / wagon combinations
Rail manufacturerRail typeRail sizeCarriage type
THKHSR20HSR..Ashow variant
THKHSR20HSR..AMshow variant
THKHSR20HSR..Bshow variant
THKHSR20HSR..Cshow variant
THKHSR20HSR..CAshow variant
THKHSR20HSR..CAMshow variant
THKHSR20HSR..CBshow variant
THKHSR20HSR..CBMshow variant
THKHSR20HSR..HAshow variant
THKHSR20HSR..HAMshow variant
THKHSR20HSR..HBshow variant
THKHSR20HSR..HBMshow variant
THKHSR20HSR..LAshow variant
THKHSR20HSR..LAMshow variant
THKHSR20HSR..LBshow variant
THKHSR20HSR..LBMshow variant
THKHSR20HSR..LRMshow variant
THKHSR20HSR..Mshow variant
THKHSR20HSR..Rshow variant
THKHSR20HSR..RMshow variant
THKHSR20HSR..YRshow variant
THKHSR20HSR..YRMshow variant
Technical Data
Holding force1300 [N]
Installation directionfrom the front
max. length clamping123
Operating pressure max.130.0 [bar]
Operating pressure min.120 [bar]
Weight0.59 [kg]
Benefits in detail
  1. Profile rail guide
    Available for all common profile rail guides
  2. Housing - functional component
    Generating clamping force by clamping material Narrow and low design
  3. Eroding contour
    Used for opening the element under pressure
  4. Clamping jaws and brake shoes
    Pressed at the free surfaces of the profile rail guide
  5. Sealing plates
    for double-sided hydraulic line connection
  6. Scraper
    Optionally available with "A" article ending