Clamping elements | manual
Series miniHK

  • small construction
    For all common miniature profile rail guides
  • Tool-free opening and closing (bi-stable)
    By turning the knurled screw
  • Maintenance free
    Up to 50,000 static clamping cycles
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Matching rail / wagon combinations
Rail manufacturerRail typeRail sizeCarriage type
INATKDM(KUEM)5KWEMshow variant
INATKDM(KUEM)5KWEM..-Cshow variant
NTN-SNRLGMW12LGMC..WNshow variant
NTN-SNRLGMW12LGMC..WLshow variant
NTN-SNRLGMW12LGMX..WNshow variant
NTN-SNRLGMW12LGMX..WLshow variant
NTN-SNRLGMW15LGMX..WNshow variant
NTN-SNRLGMW15LGMX..WLshow variant
NTN-SNRLGMW15LGMC..WNshow variant
NTN-SNRLGMW15LGMC..WLshow variant
NTN-SNRLGMW9LGMX..WNshow variant
NTN-SNRLGMW9LGMX..WLshow variant
NTN-SNRLGMW9LGMC..WNshow variant
NTN-SNRLGMW9LGMC..WLshow variant
THKEPF12EPF..Mshow variant
THKEPF7EPF..Mshow variant
THKEPF9EPF..Mshow variant
THKRSR-W15RSR..WNshow variant
THKRSR-W15RSR..WVshow variant
THKRSR-W15RSR..WVMshow variant
THKSRS-W5SRS..WMshow variant
IGUSTS-047TW-04show variant
IKOMV20MVshow variant
IKOMV25MVshow variant
IKOMV30MVshow variant
NSKPE(P1E)5PAE..ARshow variant
THKEPF15EPF..Mshow variant
THKRSR-W15RSH..WZMshow variant
THKRSR-W15RSR..WZMshow variant
THKRSR-W3RSR..WMshow variant
THKRSR-W3RSR..WNshow variant
Benefits in detail
  1. Miniature profile rail guide
    Available for all common miniature profile rail guides
  2. Stainless knurled screw
    For opening and closing the clamping unit
  3. Clamping jaw
    The floating bearings guarantee symmetrical application of force
  4. Housing
    in non corrosive steel