Motor spindle
Series HF125-002

Rated power S1: 9 kWRated torque S1: 7.3 NmMax. speed: 24,000 rpm

  • Water cooling
  • IO-Link communication
  • Designed as unit carrier
  • Adapted for use in an angle head, for example
  • Hybrid bearings used for maximum performance
  • Ideal for processing wood, plastics, lightweight metal
  • Vector controlled
  • Speed monitoring
  • Conus cleanig of tool fixation
  • Labyrinth seal
  • Sealing air
  • Controllable air connectors
  • Tool fixation monitoring
  • Vector controlled / feedback
  • IO-Link Interface
  • Automatic tool change
  • Aggregate interface
  • Acceleration sensor
  • Robot change unit
Technical Data
Nominal output S19.0 [kW]
Rated torque S17.3 [Nm]
Maximum speed24000
Nominal speed11.750
Nominal current S120.0 [A]
Tool interfaceHSK-F63
Motor technologyAsynchronous
Number of poles4
Release unitPneumatic
Weight13 [kg]