Clamping elements | manual
Series miniHK

  • small construction
    For all common miniature profile rail guides
  • Tool-free opening and closing (bi-stable)
    By turning the knurled screw
  • Maintenance free
    Up to 50,000 static clamping cycles
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Matching rail / wagon combinations
Rail manufacturerRail typeRail sizeCarriage type
MISUMISEWZL (Miniature Wide)18(12)SEBWshow variant
MISUMISEWZL (Miniature Wide)18(12)SEBWMshow variant
MISUMISEWZL (Miniature Wide)18(12)SEBWNshow variant
MISUMISEWZL (Miniature Wide)18(12)SEBWZshow variant
MISUMISEWZL (Miniature Wide)18(12)SELBWshow variant
MISUMISEWZL (Miniature Wide)18(12)SELBWMshow variant
MISUMISEWZL (Miniature Wide)18(12)SELBWNshow variant
MISUMISEWZL (Miniature Wide)18(12)SELBWZshow variant
MISUMISEWZL (Miniature Wide)18(12)SEWZBshow variant
MISUMISEWZL (Miniature Wide)18(12)SSEBWshow variant
MISUMISEWZL (Miniature Wide)18(12)SWZBshow variant
MISUMISEWZL (Miniature Wide)18(12)SWZLBshow variant
MISUMISEWZL (Miniature Wide)18(12)SWZMBshow variant
IGUSTS-0415TW-04show variant
HepcoMotionMLGB9MLGB..Cshow variant
HepcoMotionMLGB9MLGB..Lshow variant
HepcoMotionMLGB9MLGB..Nshow variant
INATKDM..-W(KUEM..-W..)9KWEM..-Wshow variant
INATKDM..-W(KUEM..-W..)9KWEM..-WLshow variant
INATKDM..-W(KUEM..-W..)9KWEM..-WCshow variant
NBSEBSW9Ashow variant
NBSEBSW9AYshow variant
NBSEBSW9Bshow variant
NBSEBSW9BYshow variant
NBSEBSW9Dshow variant
NBSEBW9Ashow variant
NBSEBW9A-Nshow variant
NBSEBW9AYshow variant
NBSEBW9AY-Nshow variant
NBSEBW9Dshow variant
NBSEBW9D-Nshow variant
PMIMSD9MSD-LMshow variant
PMIMSD9MSD-Mshow variant
THKRSR-W9WNshow variant
THKRSR-W9WVshow variant
THKRSR-W9WVMshow variant
THKSRS-W9WMshow variant
THKSRS-W9WNshow variant
NBSERSW9Ashow variant
NBSERW9Ashow variant
SBCSBMW9SBMWshow variant
HIWINMG-breit9MGW..Cshow variant
HIWINMG-breit9MGW..Hshow variant
IKOLWLF18LWLF..Bshow variant
IKOLWLF18LWLF..BCSshow variant
IKOLWLF18LWLF..CSshow variant
IKOLWLF18LWLF..Nshow variant
IKOLWLF18LWLFC..Bshow variant
IKOLWLF18LWLFC..Nshow variant
IKOLWLF18LWLFG..Bshow variant
IKOLWLF18LWLFG..Nshow variant
NSKLE9LAE..ALshow variant
NSKLE9LAE..ARshow variant
NSKLE9LAE..TLshow variant
NSKLE9LAE..TRshow variant
NSKPE9PAE..TRshow variant
NSKPE9PAE..URshow variant
Bosch RexrothR044… (miniature ball, wide)9R0441show variant
Bosch RexrothR044… (miniature ball, wide)9R0443show variant
SchneebergerMN18MNNshow variant
SchneebergerMN18MNNLshow variant
CPCMR-W(MRU-W)9MR-WLshow variant
CPCMR-W(MRU-W)9MR-WNshow variant
Technical Data
Holding force100 [N]
Installation directionfrom above
Max. tightening torque0.17 [Nm]
max. length clamping17
Benefits in detail
  1. Miniature profile rail guide
    Available for all common miniature profile rail guides
  2. Stainless knurled screw
    For opening and closing the clamping unit
  3. Clamping jaw
    The floating bearings guarantee symmetrical application of force
  4. Housing
    in non corrosive steel