Remote service

The service of Zimmer Group – professional, reliable and effective. You can count on our support worldwide!

Hotline / Technical Support

If you need us, you can access the expertise and experience of our Technical Support staff. Our innovative service products help run diagnostics and troubleshooting quickly and efficiently. They facilitate the exchange of information and make sure that any error message can be analyzed and remedied quickly and purposefully. In many cases, this does not even require on-site field service. Three-quarters of all cases can be resolved by remote diagnostics and teleservice.

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Online support

With supportZ, Zimmer Group offers functionalities that go far beyond online product support and a hotline. Connective networking has a wide variety of advantages throughout the entire lifecycle of the product. supportZ does more than just provide you with support in the implementing and commissioning of components and systems. It also allows you to integrate the maintenance and support of your systems into completely new business models and workflows with your customer – not just locally, but also worldwide. Get in touch with us!

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Commissioning/ Application support

Reduce your commissioning and installation times with the support of our experienced technicians. Ensure that measures are carried out properly thanks to the expertise of competent specialists.

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