Digital transformation is on the rise around the globe. How do we meet the challenge of increasing global market flexibility, rapidly changing market conditions, heightened expectations, requirements of the world market – not to mention ever growing cost pressure in the future? There is only one way: networked machine and system configurations in conjunction with digital services in a Smart Factory. 
Zimmer Group recognized this trend early on and, already offers a wide portfolio of mechatronic components and digital services.


The Digital Services of Zimmer Group

digitalZ helps you support quality, time management, productivity, effi ciency and value creation and gives you the ability to make complex processes manageable and map transparency in control and maintenance.

The future of automation and mechanical and systems engineering

Fast and flexible solutions are becoming increasingly important in automation. Mechanical and systems engineering is increasingly driven by software innovation. Here, web-based services help implement production reliability, productivity and cost reduction in a Smart Factory and enable them to be planned.

However, Digital Services are not only an additional service for the customer, but also intentional digital and technological evolutions of our products to meet the increasingly stringent requirements of the world market.

We are implementing the strategy of the digital transformation at all levels, in all functions and at all locations. Our objective is to significantly increase the digital portion of our products. Zimmer Group considers itself a nucleus for digital innovation and new, innovative, digital business models such as Product-as-a-Service. Digital Services open up new opportunities for growth, make complex processes manageable, enable greater transparency in control and maintenance and, not least, increase your company‘s market success. As we shape and drive the transformation forwards, we are your partner for all topics related to digitalization in the market

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