Frequently asked questions "Technology"
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Center Position SF…M(L) How is the center position of a swivel unit approached? The swivel unit is delivered with an S7 module that includes the complete control. If another controller is used, a control plan is printed in the installation and operating instructions. This plan can be used for the programming.
Adjusting the Switch Cam GP400 How are the switch cams of a 2-jaw parallel gripper from the GP400 series adjusted? The gripper jaws must be brought into the open position to loosen the grub screws located on the side of the guide. Move the gripper to the desired sensing position and adjust the switch cam in relation to the sensor using the cap head screw of the switch cam.
X Series GP400 What is the difference between the 2-jaw parallel grippers of the GP400X series and the GP400 series? In contrast to the GP400 series, the GP400X series has an overlapping guide. This guide allows these grippers to absorb more torques. The external dimensions and gripping forces are the same.
All All How long can a discontinued product still be obtained? There is a phase-out scenario that is tailored to the individual products and defines the time frame. In principle, a discontinued product can always still be obtained. But then the sales price is calculated according to the number of units. Exceptions to this are if the parts installed in the product can no longer be obtained from Zimmer.
All All Are there compatible substitutes for discontinued products? The collet chuck can be machined in the range of the permissible machining surface up to the bore diameter to be gripped: see the data sheet. After the machining process has been completed, the collet chuck is severed at the slots using a saw, deburred and fitted to the base gripper.
Perforation Gripper LG4-20 Can the collet chuck be machined and how? Die Spannzange kann im Bereich der zulässigen Bearbeitungsfläche, siehe
Datenblatt, auf den zu greifenden Bohrungsdurchmesser abgedreht werden. Nach dem erfolgtem Bearbeitungsprozess wird die Spannzange mittels einer Säge an den Schlitzen durchtrennt, entgratet und am Grundgreifer montiert.
Workpiece Data Records IO-Link gripper How many workpiece data records can be stored with IO-Link capable grippers? Data of up to 32 workpieces can be stored.
Rotatory Braking RBPS Can the RBPS be braked rotatorically? No, this is not possible.
LGG Membrane LG What material is the membrane made of and what are the properties of the material? The material of the membrane is NBR. Nitrile rubber has good wear resistance and is resistant to most oils and greases.
Food-safe Gripper All Are there food-safe components? Not as a standard. But for applications with food it is often sufficient, for example in the case of grippers, to manufacture the gripper fingers from stainless steel and to lubricate the guides with food-safe grease. As a semi-standard, these components are lubricated with Klübersynth UH1 14-151 food-safe grease. Contact is required.
ATEX All Are there ATEX-certified products for explosive environments? Als Standard Nein aber für nahezu alle Komponenten aus dem Portfolio ist es möglich eine Zertifizierung anzubieten. Kontaktaufnahme erforderlich.
Overtravel Angle All angular and radial grippers Why are there overtension angles or overtravel angles with angular and radial grippers? As a rule, the workpiece to be gripped is gripped in the 0° position, which is the position in which the gripper fingers are parallel to each other. The angular and radial grippers by Zimmer can overtravel this position. This overtravel angle is at least 1° per gripper jaw and is intended as a stroke reserve. The reserve is necessary because the workpiece to be gripped and the specific gripper fingers can be subject to tolerances that do not guarantee safe gripping at 0°.
GEP5000 Connector Plug GEP5000 Can the connector on the gripper be turned to change the cable outlet? No, the connector is soldered to the plate.
Unsynchronized All grippers Are there parallel grippers with an unsynchronized jaw stroke? Not as a standard. But the grippers from the section of 2-jaw parallel grippers with long stroke can be modified accordingly. Contact is required.
Stationary gripper jaw All grippers Are there parallel grippers with a statio is nary gripper jaw? Not as a standard. But almost all grippers can be modified accordingly. Contact is required.
Activating the Plunger All grippers Are there grippers without their own drive that are activated by a plunger? Not as a standard. But almost all grippers can be modified, for example to activate several grippers with one drive like for a rotary indexing table. Contact is required.
GU without Nubs GU2… Is it possible to cover the rubber jaws of the GU series even without nubs? Yes, it is possible as a modification. Contact is required.
Positioning All electric grippers Which mechatronic grippers can be positioned? The grippers of the GEH6000 series and the GEH8000 series can be positioned. The other electric grippers move to the end position like pneumatic grippers.
Y plug-in connector GEH6180IL What is the cross-section of the M12 cable that leads out of the electric gripper? The cross-section of the wire is 0.34 mm² for all five strands.
Switching Distance MFSP2 MFSP2… What is the smallest possible distance between the two positions that can be sensed? This also depends on the respective gripper. In general, it can be said that this is 2 mm.
Material LG Collet Chuck LGS What material is the collet chuck made of? It is 16MnCr5.
Gripping Force Grippers in general What is the relation of the pressure to the gripping force? The gripping force increases or decreases in relation to the pressure. The ratio of the pressure to the gripping force is approximately linear.
Water General Why does condensation form in the cylinder? This mainly affects grippers with a small volume. When venting the gripper, the temperature can fall below -80°C for a short time. This results in condensation in the cylinder and in the lines. If the lines are selected too long, the condensate cannot be completely discharged and remains in the gripper and the lines. To remedy this, use a shorter line length or a quick exhaust valve to drain off the condensate.
Fastener XYR How can an XYR series axle compensation module by screwed to the robot? When the axis compensation module is in its center position, the mounting screws can be tightened with a hex key. To do this, insert the hex key into the drilled holes opposite the mounting surface. It is not necessary to dismantle the axle compensation module.
Magnetic Field Sensor Inductive Sensors NJ, MFS What is better or what is the difference between position sensing with magnetic field sensors and with inductive proximity switches? The advantage of magnetic field sensors is that the sensors used for sensing the magnet mounted on the piston almost completely disappear into the integrated slot, so no additional interfering contours occur. They are also better in dirty areas, since soiling can deposit on the switch area of the inductive sensor, which influences the signal. The advantage of inductive sensors is that they sense the gripper jaw directly and are less sensitive to external magnetic fields.
Stroke Limitation Screw MFS Are there also magnetic field sensors for mounting in a T-groove? The sensors offered by Zimmer are tailored to the Zimmer components. Since all products equipped with magnetic field sensors have a C-groove, only these sensors are in the product range.
Stroke Limitation Screw GK Are there also magnetic field sensors for mounting in a T-groove? The sensors offered by Zimmer are tailored to the Zimmer components. Since all products equipped with magnetic field sensors have a C-groove, only these sensors are in the product range.
Stroke Limitation Screw GK Is it possible to shorten or remove the stroke limiting screw of the GK Series toggle mechanism gripper? The stroke limiting screw can be shortened to the desired length. Removal will lead to premature failure of the gripper.
Jumper GK Is it possible to remove the jumper of the GK Series toggle mechanism gripper? No, the jumper is an essential component of the guide. Removing it will lead to premature failure of the gripper.
Sensors All Can sensors from other manufacturers be used? Sensors from other manufacturers can be used. However, Zimmer cannot provide any warranty for the function, as only Zimmer sensors have been tested with all products.
Frequently asked questions "Service"

How can I issue a return consignment?

For your return consignment, the best method is to print a return consignment form online from our homepage. You should fill this out completely and send it to the relevant address together with your return consignment. Or you can either call your responsible contact person directly or call our Service Center. Our staff will be happy to help you with this. Please note that when returning the goods you must state the exact reason for return and, if applicable, the exact error description.

What advantages do I have when issues are handled directly with the Zimmer Group?

Welche Vorteile habe ich durch die Bearbeitung direkt bei der Zimmer Group?

Our employees are specially trained in the repair of Zimmer products and have many years of experience in this field. Fault-free functionality can only be achieved when the necessary special tools and assembly procedures are used. You will receive a 12-month warranty on the replaced spare parts. If the repair of a product should be unprofitable, you will receive a new part offer with our service offer.

Duration of the Process

How long does the repair take?

  • Standard products: Approx. 7-10 work days for the entire process. As long as all spare parts are in stock.
  • Standard electronic products: Approx. 10-15 work days for the entire process (mechanical and electronic)
  • Custom-made designs: Depending on the effort and agreement
  • Systems: Depending on the effort and agreement

Is there an option for an express repair?

If the repair must be done very quickly, we will do everything we can to carry out repairs on standard products in just a few days. Please contact us!



Diagnosis and assessment of costs

For the processing and detailed inspection we charge a processing fee of 40.00 € per standard product, provided that the repair has not been issued and no new product has been ordered!

Repair costs

The repair costs are calculated according to effort as soon as the products have been inspected at our facility. An advance cost estimate is unfortunately possible only to a limited extent (e.g. for modifications of new parts).


What options do I have when a cost estimate was prepared?

You can have the product repaired under the conditions indicated. If the repair is no longer economically viable, you can order a new product through the new parts offer sent along with the repair. As soon as you decide against the repair and a new part order, the processing fee becomes due. You can have the product professionally disposed of at our facility free of charge or we will send it back to you disassembled.

Are missing product parts listed in the cost estimate?

Parts that are important for function and safety are installed and also listed.


Packaging & Shipping

Packaging & Shipping Is it possible to specify a different delivery address?

Yes, when you issue a repair, you can specify an alternative delivery address in your order or by email to your service team.

How should I package the defective products?

Each product must be packaged safely and break-proof in cartons or crates. For clamping elements, the transport locks must be set in accordance with the assembly and operating instructions.


Why does my product come back disassembled and not assembled?

In order to prepare a qualified cost estimate, we must disassemble the product. Only then can the errors and the associated costs be defined. Once you receive the cost estimate, you have decided not to have the repair carried out and have instructed us to return the defective tool to you. If you still wish to have the product assembled and returned, we will be happy to do so for a fee, provided that the non-repaired product does not pose a risk.


Orders Abroad

Where can I have my product repaired if I am abroad?

For information, please select the relevant service contact person on our website. This person will be happy to help you with any questions you may have and with your return consignment.



How long am I entitled to a warranty?

After purchasing a new product, you have a warranty claim of 12 months. Please include the relevant delivery slip when returning the goods. In the case of a repair, you have a warranty claim of 12 months on all replaced spare parts.