Code of Conduct

Dear colleagues,

our guiding principles describe, which values we share and how we want to work together - today and in the future. They give us a clear picture of the target, which we have to achieve, in order to secure our company success sustainable. Based on the core idea „Zimmer - THE KNOW-HOW FACTORY" we can achieve this target only together. Especially our values like personnel responsibility, transparency and openness as well as a correct ethical -behavior and a clear behavior complying with the law at any time are very important in this respect.

This code of conduct summarizes for the first time our important rules and principles in one doc­ument, gives an orientation frame and is valid for each of us - for the management, heads of de­partments or teams and all employees.

lt is a claim to us internally and how we act in the company and at the same time an external promise for a responsible behavior against our business partners and the public. Together we have the responsibility for the reputation - the good name - of our company. The misbehavior of a sin­gle person can lead to an enormous damage for all of us. Therefore we ask you dear colleagues to read this code of conduct carefully and to use it together with us as a guideline for our daily be­havior.

The management of the Zimmer Group GmbH, Zimmer GmbH, Zimmer GmbH Dämpfungssysteme, Zimmer GmbH Kunststofftechnik and Zimmer International GmbH

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