Over 9,000 implemented system solutions, including everything from handling bottles and beverage crates to stacking cream cheese packages, guarantee that customers get the functionality they need without compromising cost security. Zimmer Group's expertise ranges from design engineering to worldwide service. Here, Zimmer Group's system solutions are efficient in project engineering and ongoing operation. Our goal is helping to create the factory of the future with intelligent production processes and warehouse management. Our central focus is a seamless transition with maximum efficiency from production to the end consumer. Whether the sector is Electronics, Personal Care or Food and Beverage, whether primary, secondary or special requirements, Zimmer Group develops automation solutions that are a perfect answer to the requirements for optimized goods flows and warehouse management systems. Our experience in the system solutions area is your benefit for a technology advantage in the market.


Consumer Goods

Packing has a big impact on purchasing decisions. Now, it also makes up a significant portion of product costs. Hygienic and efficient gripper and handling systems from Zimmer Group help make the production and packaging of consumer goods highly efficient. Whether in the beverage & food industry, packaging, palletizing or filling, you can package items such as coffee capsules, handle yogurt cups or palletize chocolate cartons in cycles that last mere seconds on our hygienic, high-speed systems. Find out more in our system showroom.


Medical/Pharmaceutical industry

Zimmer Group is an important partner of several well-known companies in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors. Roche Diagnostics, for example, uses one of our gripper solutions. It helps in the analysis of coronavirus samples in a fully automated system for laboratory testing. For Fresenius Medical Care, our handling solutions are used in systems for filling sterile solutions. Do you have a medical application? We are looking forward to hearing about your industry-specific requirements. Please contact us!

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As one of the world's leading automation solution experts, we support you with our experience and expertise. Whatever your industry or production environment, we have what you need and are your partner for success. Here is an overview of the extensive range of Zimmer Group industry standards and reference systems.