Smart Communication Module
Series SCM

  • Translates IO-Link to digital inputs and outputs digital I/O) and from digital I/O to IO-Link
  • Easy control of intelligent IO-Link grippers via 24 V digital I/O
  • Configuration and training take place using the corresponding intuitive guideZ software
  • Can be used with one or two grippers depending on the flexibility required
  • Up to 15 different workpieces can be trained for one gripper
Order-No.Suitable for robot typeSuitable for controller typeIO logic
SCM-C-00-00-AIndependent of manufacturerIndependent of manufacturerPNP
SCM-C-01-00-AUniversal RobotsUniversal Robots - OEMPNP
SCM-C-02-01-AYaskawa GP / HC-SeriesYaskawa - YRC 1000PNP
SCM-C-02-02-AYaskawa GP / HC-SeriesYaskawa - YRC 1000 NPNNPN
SCM-C-02-11-AYaskawa GP / HC-SeriesYaskawa - YRC 1000-microPNP
SCM-C-02-12-AYaskawa GP / HC-SeriesYaskawa - YRC 1000-micro NPNNPN
SCM-C-03-01-ADENSODenso - RC8A (Hand IO)PNP
SCM-C-05-00-AABB CRB 15000 GoFaABB - OmniCore C30PNP
SCM-C-05-10-AABB CRB 1100 SWIFTIABB - OmniCore C30/C90XTPNP
SCM-C-05-20-AABB IRB1100ABB - OmniCore C30/C90XTPNP
SCM-C-05-30-AABB IRB 14050 YuMiABB - OmniCore C30/C90XTPNP
SCM-C-06-00-AABB IRB 14000 YuMiABB - IRC5 (IRB14000 internal)PNP
  1. Status Status display of SCM and IO-Link device
  2. Ethernet RJ45 Temporary connection for gripper configuration
  3. Digital input Digital inputs for controlling the gripper actuators
  4. IO-Link / Device 1 Gripper module 1 connection
  5. Digital output Digital outputs for monitoring the gripper sensors
  6. IO-Link / Device 2 Gripper module 2 connection
  7. Power supply Voltage supply SCM and gripper