Suction finger rotatable
Series SO-302

  • Suction fingers with swivel head for inclined surfaces to suction cup, suitable for mini and bellows cups The suction cup can be adjusted for inclined surfaces uo to 45°
Installation Size: SO-302
Order-No.G1G2Dimension A
SO-30211030M5M510 [mm]
SO-30211060M5M510 [mm]
SO-30211090M5M510 [mm]
SO-30222045G1/8"G1/8"15 [mm]
SO-30222090G1/8"G1/8"15 [mm]
SO-30222130G1/8"G1/8"15 [mm]
SO-30223045G1/4"G1/8"15 [mm]
SO-30223090G1/4"G1/8"15 [mm]
SO-30223130G1/4"G1/8"15 [mm]
SO-30232045G1/8"G1/8"20 [mm]
SO-30232090G1/8"G1/8"20 [mm]
SO-30232130G1/8"G1/8"20 [mm]
SO-30233045G1/4"G1/4"20 [mm]
SO-30233090G1/4"G1/4"20 [mm]
SO-30233130G1/4"G1/4"20 [mm]