Clamping and braking elements | pneumatic
Series UBPS

  • broad range of products
    For all common profile rail guides
  • Energize to open (NC)
    through spring-loaded energy storage
  • high durability
    Up to 5 million static clamping cycles
  • Higher holding force
    Via activation with PLUS air
  • Safety element
    Safe braking in case of energy failure
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  • PLUS connection
Matching rail / wagon combinations
Rail manufacturerRail typeRail sizeCarriage type
THKSNR35SNR..Cshow variant
THKSNR35SNR..LCshow variant
THKSNR35SNR..LRshow variant
THKSNR35SNR..Rshow variant
THKSNR35SNR..CHshow variant
THKSNR35SNR..LCHshow variant
THKSNR35SNR..LRHshow variant
THKSNR35SNR..RHshow variant
THKSNS35SNS..Cshow variant
THKSNS35SNS..LCshow variant
THKSNS35SNS..LRshow variant
THKSNS35SNS..Rshow variant
THKSNS35SNS..CHshow variant
THKSNS35SNS..LCHshow variant
THKSNS35SNS..LRHshow variant
THKSNS35SNS..RHshow variant
Technical Data
Holding force2500 [N]
Operating pressure min.5.5 [bar]
Installation directionfrom above
max. length clamping109
Nominal operating pressure6 [bar]
Operating pressure max.6.5 [bar]
Holding force PLUS connection3300 [N]
Weight2 [kg]
Benefits in detail
  1. Profile rail guide
    Available for all common profile rail guides
  2. Wedge-type gear
    Power transmission between the pistons and clamping jaws and brake shoes
  3. Clamping jaws and brake shoes
    Pressed at the free surfaces of the profile rail guide
  4. Housing
    chemically nickel plated steel
  5. Pneumatic piston
    The piston moves the wedge-type gear longitudinally
  6. Spring-loaded energy storage
    For non-pressurized closing of the clamping unit
  7. Scraper
    Can also be ordered as an option
  8. Integrated valve (optional)
    Up to 60% faster closing time regardless of the cable length