Clamping elements | electric
Series LKE

  • Energy-efficient (bistable)
    Opens and closes using 24 V DC voltage
  • Integrated electronics
    Digital control and status signals
  • Flexible cable outlet
    For maximum space utilization
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  • Integrated sensing
Matching rail / wagon combinations
Rail manufacturerRail typeRail sizeCarriage type
HIWINHG(QH)20HGH..CAshow variant
HIWINHG(QH)20HGH..HAshow variant
HIWINHG(QH)20HGW..CAshow variant
HIWINHG(QH)20HGW..CCshow variant
HIWINHG(QH)20HGW..HAshow variant
HIWINHG(QH)20HGW..HCshow variant
HIWINHG(QH)20QHH..CAshow variant
HIWINHG(QH)20QHH..HAshow variant
HIWINHG(QH)20QHW..CAshow variant
HIWINHG(QH)20QHW..CCshow variant
HIWINHG(QH)20QHW..HAshow variant
HIWINHG(QH)20QHW..HCshow variant
IKOLWH(MH)20LWH..Bshow variant
IKOLWH(MH)20LWH..Mshow variant
IKOLWH(MH)20LWH..SLshow variant
IKOLWH(MH)20LWHGshow variant
IKOLWH(MH)20LWHS..Bshow variant
IKOLWH(MH)20LWHS..Mshow variant
IKOLWH(MH)20LWHS..SLshow variant
IKOLWH(MH)20LWHSGshow variant
IKOLWH(MH)20LWHT..Bshow variant
IKOLWH(MH)20LWHT..Mshow variant
IKOLWH(MH)20LWHT..SLshow variant
IKOLWH(MH)20LWHTGshow variant
IKOLWH(MH)20LWHYshow variant
IKOLWH(MH)20MHshow variant
IKOLWH(MH)20MHGshow variant
IKOLWH(MH)20MHSshow variant
IKOLWH(MH)20MHSGshow variant
IKOLWH(MH)20MHTshow variant
IKOLWH(MH)20MHTGshow variant
SBCSBI20SBI..CLshow variant
SBCSBI20SBI..CLLshow variant
SBCSBI20SBI..FVshow variant
SBCSBI20SBI..SVshow variant
SBCSBI20SBI..FLshow variant
SBCSBI20SBI..FLLshow variant
SBCSBI20SBI..SLshow variant
SBCSBI20SBI..SLLshow variant
THKHSR20HSR..Ashow variant
THKHSR20HSR..AMshow variant
THKHSR20HSR..Bshow variant
THKHSR20HSR..Cshow variant
THKHSR20HSR..CAshow variant
THKHSR20HSR..CAMshow variant
THKHSR20HSR..CBshow variant
THKHSR20HSR..CBMshow variant
THKHSR20HSR..HAshow variant
THKHSR20HSR..HAMshow variant
THKHSR20HSR..HBshow variant
THKHSR20HSR..HBMshow variant
THKHSR20HSR..LAshow variant
THKHSR20HSR..LAMshow variant
THKHSR20HSR..LBshow variant
THKHSR20HSR..LBMshow variant
THKHSR20HSR..LRshow variant
THKHSR20HSR..Rshow variant
THKHSR20HSR..RMshow variant
THKHSR20HSR..YRshow variant
THKHSR20HSR..YRMshow variant
THKHSR20HSR..BMshow variant
THKHSR20HSR..LLRMshow variant
Technical Data
Holding force800 [N]
Installation directionfrom above
max. length clamping137.3
Weight0.63 [kg]
Benefits in detail
  1. Profile rail guide
    Available for all common profile rail guides
  2. Eccentric gear
    Power transmission between motor and clamping jaw
  3. Clamping jaw
    Pressed at the free surfaces of the profile rail guide
  4. Housing
    chemically nickel plated steel
  5. electric drive
    For generating clamping force
  6. Sliding block
    For floating bearings
  7. Emergency actuation
    Manual opening possible in case of power supply failure
  8. Electrical connecting cable
    Control and power supply
  9. Adjusting screw
    Correction of the rail tolerance