Robots capable of working alongside humans in the same room and on the same part are on the rise. As one of the first manufacturers, the Zimmer Group has been producing grippers for collaborative robots since 2015, and now has the largest portfolio worldwide.

Special add-on modules such as the MATCH ecosystem, Smart Communication Module (a module for wireless data transmission), and Comfort apps for fast commissioning and operation make robot collaboration so much easier.


MATCH End-of-Arm Ecosystem


  • A single system for lightweight robots, cobots and conventional robots
  • Compatibility & flexibility – combining the primary handling technologies (vacuum and mechanical gripping)
  • Long service life, even in automated continuous operation
  • Innovative digital ecosystem
  • Large variety of end effectors
  • Manual exchange with easy-click function
  • Automated change in the device

Applications as varied as the system

Whether mobile and collaborative robotics or fully automated applications, just one flexible system gives the user access to a nearly unlimited range of uses from production and installation to warehouse logistics, shipping and even laboratory automation.

Typical tasks are pick-and-place, order picking, packaging and palletizing, checking and testing. Various mechanical and vacuum grippers can be selected corresponding to the workpiece and handling task. If the requirements change, the system can be quickly and easily adapted.

Standardized connection and communication

Appropriate for all common lightweight robots – an ideal system for cobots and conventional 6-axis robots.


Any robot, any gripper, any end effector. High flexibility thanks to an extensive portfolio.

Simple installation

Mechanical connection by quick-changer and configuration using a setup assistant.

Full process control

Collect, evaluate and visualize added-value data, including cloud connection.

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New functions of our MATCH ecosystem for UNIVERSAL ROBOTS

MATCH ecosystem: Our intelligent interface for maximum system availability


  • Translates IO-Link to digital inputs and outputs (digital I/O) and from digital I/O to IO-Link
  • Easy control of intelligent IO-Link grippers via 24 V digital I/O
  • Configuration and training take place using the corresponding intuitive guideZ software
  • Can be used with one or two grippers depending on the flexibility required
  • Up to 15 different workpieces can be trained for one gripper
  • Available as a stand-alone or robot-specific solution, including connection to the controller and APP for easy setup and programming

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  • All Zimmer Group IO-Link grippers and MATCH IO-Link components can be used, regardless of the structure of the existing robot / system base.
  • No complex cable routing through the robot or system (slip rings, contact elements, etc. not required)
  • No source of error due to a moving data cable (mechanical obstacle, broken wire), wearing part eliminated
  • Scalable, simple expansion of further grippers by logging on to the master

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The grippers connected to the bridge modules are controlled by an MCM, which can be integrated into its different variants at fieldbus level. In addition to the specific functional modules for controlling our I/O link grippers, the corresponding instructions are also available. Everything from a single source – so you reach your goals quickly.


  • Platform-independent for all leading robot manufacturers
  • Fast and easy programming
  • Minimization of programming errors
  • Programming and configuration can be carried out even by personnel without extensive programming knowledge

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Software components for your robots and control systems

Use Zimmer Group‘s platform-neutral, web-based programming tools to commission your robot application – no matter which platform. It is fast, easy and requires no in-depth programming knowledge. As a supplement, Zimmer Group also provides Comfort apps for the hardware platforms of the most common robot manufacturers. It makes commissioning and operation fast and easy. Zimmer Group also provides downloadable function blocks for all the most common manufacturers for direct programming in the PLC.

guideZ on-robot illustrated for UR

We make selecting grippers and accessories fast and easy. An intelligent search consisting of the most important selection criteria quickly shows you sound suggestions for selection.

User-friendly overview delivers comprehensive  results. Users enjoy the convenience of selecting the model that is right for them from a wide variety of grippers (including accessories). The most important data is presented clearly along with the relevant product recommendations.

Refined selection through filters. Additional filters and specific application data make it possible to narrow the search further.

The solution you want, with the mobile availability you need. The product finder is web-based and there is no need to install any software.

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