Software components for your robots and control systems

Use Zimmer Group‘s platform-neutral, web-based programming tools to commission your robot application – no matter which platform. It is fast, easy and requires no in-depth programming knowledge. As a supplement, Zimmer Group also provides Comfort apps for the hardware platforms of the most common robot manufacturers. It makes commissioning and operation fast and easy. Zimmer Group also provides downloadable function blocks for all the most common manufacturers for direct programming in the PLC.


  • Platform-independent for all leading robot manufacturers
  • Fast and easy programming
  • Minimization of programming errors
  • Programming and confi guration can be carried out even by personnel without extensive programming knowledge

Comfort App

The Comfort app, coordinated to the robot manufacturer, makes it possible to actuate and operate the gripper conveniently and directly using the respective robot control panel. The app provides all necessary commands for hitch-free automatic mode. Setup mode and the automatic robot sequence are combined in one solution. 

Other advantages include:

  • Manual setup mode
  • Automatic operation with integrated function blocks
  • Easy programming
  • Fast implementation
  • Low risk of errors thanks to defi ned functions

Comfort APPs  PLC modules

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