Vacuum generator
Series KE

  • Special features
    Complete solution for easiest installation Integrated valve technology and vacuum monitoring Wide range of outputs Normally open suction valve Electronic vacuum switch (KE15NOE) Digital vacuum switch (KE15NOD, KE25NOD)
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Technical Data
Nozzle diameter1.5 [mm]
Vacuum level85 [%]
Max. suction capacity65 [l/min]
Max. suction capacity3.9 [m³/h]
Air consumption suction117 [l/min]
Air consumption suction7 [m³/h]
Air consumption blowing 200 [l/min]
Noise level (suction) 68 [db(A)]
Noise level (free-running)68 [db(A)]
Operating pressure5 [bar]
Recommended inner hose Ø compressed air4 [mm]
Recommended inner hose Ø vacuum6 [mm]
Operating temperature0 ... +45 [°C]
Weight0.275 [kg]