Clamping elements | manual
Series miniHK

  • small construction
    For all common miniature profile rail guides
  • Tool-free opening and closing (bi-stable)
    By turning the knurled screw
  • Maintenance free
    Up to 50,000 static clamping cycles
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Matching rail / wagon combinations
Rail manufacturerRail typeRail sizeCarriage type
CPCMR-M(MRU-M)5MR-MLshow variant
CPCMR-M(MRU-M)5MR-MNshow variant
HepcoMotionMLG5MLG..Cshow variant
HepcoMotionMLG5MLG..Nshow variant
IKOLWL5LWL..Bshow variant
IKOLWL5LWL..Nshow variant
IKOLWL5LWLC..Bshow variant
IKOLWL5LWLC..Nshow variant
IKOML5MLshow variant
IKOML5MLCshow variant
MISUMISTZL (Miniature)5(6)SEBshow variant
MISUMISTZL (Miniature)5(6)SELBshow variant
NSKPU(P1U)5PAU..TRshow variant
NBSEB5Ashow variant
NBSEB5A-Nshow variant
NBSEB5AYshow variant
NBSEB5AY-Nshow variant
NBSEBS5Ashow variant
NBSEBS5AYshow variant
NBSEBS5Bshow variant
NBSEBS5BYshow variant
NBSEBS5BMshow variant
NBSEBS5BYMshow variant
NSKLU(L1U)5LAU..TLshow variant
THKSRS5SRS..Mshow variant
Technical Data
Holding force40 [N]
Tightening torque0.07 [Nm]
Installation directionfrom above
max. length clamping14
Weight0.005 [kg]
Benefits in detail
  1. Miniature profile rail guide
    Available for all common miniature profile rail guides
  2. Stainless knurled screw
    For opening and closing the clamping unit
  3. Clamping jaw
    The floating bearings guarantee symmetrical application of force
  4. Housing
    in non corrosive steel