• Dampers for hinges and lids
    The product portfolio of the Zimmer Group also contains retrofit solutions for hinge and lid damping.
  • The soft head of the PIANO and PIANINO pin dampers guarantee an extremely smooth and quiet closing action.
  • The retrofit solutions are available as individual dampers or in a set with the appropriate mounting. Accordingly, they can be attached on the frame easily and quickly using a mounting or by drilling holes
  • Compact – Handy – Customer friendly
    These features distinguish our retrofit sets for damping hinges and lids.
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Technical Data
Stroke19.5 [mm]
Head shape / ConnectionPressure piece with elastomer head
Mass to be braked6 [kg]
Miscellaneous CharacteristicsDamping with return
∅ Of damper­housing9.7 [mm]
Housing length56 [mm]
Damping typeLuftreibungsdämpfer