Internal gripper
Series LG1000

  • Individually adjustable
    The design of the gripper enables you to grip not only cylindrical gripping surfaces, but also conical and square ones with process reliability
  • Integrated air or vacuum feedthrough
    Use this option for applications such as leak tests, purging or vacuuming your part
  • Surface protection provided by silicone membrane
    In addition to covering a vast range of gripping diameters, the membrane provides ideal protection from damage
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  • IP54
  • Maintenance free
  • Axial energy supply
Technical Data
Total stroke in Ø2.5 [mm]
Gripping diameter min.8.0 [mm]
Gripping diameter max.10.5 [mm]
Slip force max.53 [N]
Retract time / Extend time0.2 [s]
Operating pressure min.4 [bar]
Operating pressure max.6 [bar]
Nominal operating pressure6 [bar]
Operating temperature min.5 [°C]
Operating temperature max.+80 [°C]
Air volume per cycle0.7 [cm³]
Protection to IEC 60529IP54
Weight0.032 [kg]
Benefits in detail
  1. Energy supply
    Axial (version-01) or radial (version-02)
  2. Mounting and positioning
    via fit, thread and lock nut
  3. Robust, lightweight housing
    Hard-coated aluminum alloy
  4. Direct gripping with rubber membrane
    High holding force due to high friction value reset when venting
  5. Through-hole
    Compressed air or vacuum connection for cooling the workpieces or testing them for leaks (version-02)