Series SCM

  • Translates IO-Link to digital inputs and outputs digital I/O) and from digital I/O to IO-Link
  • Easy control of intelligent IO-Link grippers via 24 V digital I/O
  • Configuration and training take place using the corresponding intuitive guideZ software
  • Can be used with one or two grippers depending on the flexibility required
  • Up to 15 different workpieces can be trained for one gripper
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Technical Data
ControlDigital I/O
IO logicPNP
Number of grippers, max.2
Number of pins (control system input)12
Number of pins (control system output)12
Configuration for interfaceEthernet RJ45
Voltage24 [V]
Load supply peak current10 [A]
Logic supply peak current1 [A]
Operating temperature5 ... +50 [°C]
Protection to IEC 60529IP20
Weight0.19 [kg]