Needle gripper
Series SCH

  • Smooth stroke configuration
    Adjust the needle stroke individually and smoothly via the direct needle setting
  • Flat structure
    Due to its compact design, you save precious space in your machine
  • Query about magnetic field sensor technology
    Detecting the end position allows you to have faster cycle times and an integrated control system
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  • 5 million maintenance-free cycles (max.)
  • IP30
  • Magnetic field sensor
Technical Data
Needle stroke adjustable max. 6 [mm]
Number of needles4 [piece]
Needle diameter1.2 [mm]
Retract time / Extend time0.02 [s]
Repetition accuracy +/-0.05 [mm]
Operating pressure min.4 [bar]
Operating pressure max.8 [bar]
Nominal operating pressure6 [bar]
Operating temperature min.5 [°C]
Operating temperature max.+80 [°C]
Air volume per cycle5 [cm³]
Protection to IEC 60529IP30
Weight0.35 [kg]
Benefits in detail
  1. Extending needles
    gripping by penetration
  2. Robust, lightweight housing
    Hard-coated aluminum alloy
  3. Stroke adjustment
    by shifting in an elongated hole
  4. Drive
    two double-acting pneumatic cylinders
  5. Energy supply
  6. Mounting and positioning
  7. Sensing slot
    mounting and positioning of magnetic field sensors