Rotary Distributors
Series DVR

  • Compact media transfer system
    This D1 media exchanger makes cable breaks and undefined interference contours through the power supply line a thing of the past
  • Flat design
    This structure reduces the moment load for your robot to a minimum and makes it possible to use smaller and more affordable sizes
  • Gold contact
    Allows flexibility for transmission because you can transfer everything from the smallest flows up to 250 volts and 6 amps with process reliability
Technical Data
Connecting flange according EN ISO 9409-1TK 63
Pneumatic energy transfer6 [Quantity]
Electrical energy transfer6-pole
Max. current6 [A]
Max. voltage250 [V]
Maximum acceleration22 [m/s²]
Maximum speed120 [1/min.]
Maximum speed720 [°/s]
Radial run out +/-0.03 [mm]
Axial run out +/-0.03 [mm]
Constant torque2 [Nm]
Loose torque3 [Nm]
Operating pressure max.10 [bar]
Operating temperature5 ... +80 [°C]
Moment of inertia10.5 [kgcm²]
Protection to IEC 60529IP64
Weight1.3 [kg]
Benefits in detail
  1. Torque brace
    supports the rotor during rotation (movement)
  2. Robust, lightweight housing
    Hard-coated aluminum alloy nitrated steel
  3. Robot flange
    partial mounting circle in accordance with EN ISO 9409-1
  4. Direct air connection
    to WWR series
  5. Spring system
    from size DVR63 double fitting
  6. Collector ring
    hard gold coated transferable to finest currents
  7. Up to 8 way integrated air feed-through
    for hoseless air transfer hose package does not have to be pivoted
  8. Up to 12 pole energy transfer
    for cable-free signal transfer no cables are subjected to torsion