Swivel Jaws
Series SB

"The economical"

  • Concentration on the essentials
    The most cost-effective type of swivelling reduces your production costs
  • Proven technology
    We have more than 20 years of proven reliability, which ensures uninterrupted production for you
  • Flexible swivel angle
    90° or 180°; you decide which using the provided limit stops. This allows you to be flexible while only needing to maintain one product in your system
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  • 10 million maintenance-free cycles (max.)
  • Elastomer end position damping
  • IP54
  • Inductive sensor
  • Positionability - 2 positions
  • Adjustable swivel angle
  • Rotation angle 90°
  • Rotation angle 180°
  • Shaft extension
  • End positions adjustable +/- 3
Technical Data
Swivel angle90 / 180 [°]
Torque per jaw0.3 [Nm]
Swivel angle regulable +/-3 [°]
Repetition accuracy +/-0.5 [°]
Operating pressure min.3 [bar]
Operating pressure max.7 [bar]
Nominal operating pressure6 [bar]
Operating temperature min.5 [°C]
Operating temperature max.+80 [°C]
Air volume per cycle4 [cm³]
Protection to IEC 60529IP54
Weight (pair)0.7 [kg]
FD385 [N]
FZ385 [N]
Benefits in detail
  1. Drive shaft
    as hexagonal or round shaft with feather key, depending on design quick and cost effective positioning of application-specific workpiece intakes
  2. Two way bearing drive shaft
    high forces and moments capacity
  3. Stop
    swivel angle of 90 and 180° stable, with Fibroflex stop surface
  4. Position sensing
    inquiry of end positions 0° and 90° (or180°) via inductive proximity switch integrated in housing, therefore no additional interference contour
  5. End position
    +/- 3° adjustable end position
  6. Force transfer
    stable toothed belt with steel reinforcement quiet, reliable, durable
  7. Energy supply
    possible from several sides
  8. Drive
    double-acting rotor cylinder