Match - Robot module
Series LWR

  • Manual end effector change with one-hand function
  • Automated changeover without external control
  • Integrated signal and media feed-through
  • Optical Connect LED and Connect signal to the higher-level controller

  • Use in combination with MATCH grippers
Technical Data
Suitable for robot typefruitcore HORST
ControlDigital I/O
IO logicPNP
Handling weight max.25 [kg]
Connecting cablePlug, M8, 4-pole
Connecting cable 2Plug, M8, 4-pole
Locking stroke1 [mm]
Electrical energy transferintegrated
Pneumatic energy transferintegrated
Tightening force50 [N]
Repetition accuracy in X, Y0,05 [mm]
Repetition accuracy in Z0,05 [mm]
Offset at coupling max. in X,Y1.0 [mm]
Operating temperature5 ... +60 [°C]
Service life in cycles100000
Protection to IEC 60529IP40
Weight0.41 [kg]