Axis Compensation Modules
Series XYR1000

  • Adjustable balancing force and stroke
    Using adjusting screws, you can adjust the properties of the equalizer optimally to your application in the shortest amount of time
  • Flat design
    This structure reduces the moment load for your robot to a minimum and makes it possible to use smaller and more affordable sizes
  • Can be fixed in place centrally or de-centrally
    Depending on the requirement, you can clamp or centrally lock the equalizer position. An aid for optimal processes
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Technical Data
Connecting flange according EN ISO 9409-1PCD 63
Stroke X/Y level +/-4.5 [mm]
Retention force centred400 [N]
Retention force decentred125 [N]
Nominal operating pressure6 [bar]
Operating temperature5 ... +80 [°C]
Moment of inertia32.8 [kg/cm²]
Weight1.7 [kg]
Benefits in detail
  1. Piston position sensing
    via magnetic field sensor included in scope of delivery
  2. Robust, lightweight housing
    Hard-coated aluminum alloy partial mounting circle in accordance with EN ISO 9409-1 lowest overall height
  3. Compensation force
    adjustable via adjustment screw
  4. Compensation stroke
    infinitely variable
  5. Locking piston
    centrical via cone
  6. Eccentrical locking
    via pneumatic piston with frictional contact
  7. Linear guide
    for highest force and moments capacity
  8. Compensation plate
    to balance position errors in XY- direction