Gripper for wooden slats


In intralogistics in a concrete plant, wooden slats needed to be handled as an intermediate layer for concrete channels. The imprecise supply and uneven geometry (warping) of the wooden slats was a challenge.


A specially developed gripper with an integrated camera was used as the solution. The camera recorded the position and geometry deviation and fed this information back to the robot as a correction factor. The slats were picked up from the front side and could be pivoted in the gripped state.

Highlights and technical data
  • IP40
  • Pneumatic
  • External gripping
Technical Data
Drive typePNEU
Max. gripping force530 [N]
Gripping conceptFORM
Gripping safety deviceDRUCKSICHER
Max. stroke160 [mm]
IP classIP40
System weight35 [kg]
Max. workpiece weight1.5 [kg]
Max. workpiece temperature80 [°C]


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